Delivery Time: 5-20 days

Price: DA 9800


- This service does not support IMEIs from MetroPCS USA.  If you submit a MetroPCS USA IMEI, the order will be replied unlocked and refunds will not be available.

- Refunds only available for this error message: "NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UNLOCK"

- We do not refund for "Server not responding.  Please try again later." or any other message.  If your device shows one of these messages, try upgrading the firmware or performing a hard reset.

Steps Before you order:

- Launch the "Device Unlock App" to check status.

- If you receive "Not Eligible for Unlock", please proceed and submit your IMEI # for processing.

- If you receive "Communication Error" or "Server not responding, please try again later", DO NOT submit your order as it is not supported for unlocking (no refunds will be provided for any orders submitted with either of these error messages).

- Once process returns completed turn on app, and device will be officially unlocked.

Once the unlock request is processed, customer needs to:

1. connect phone to wifi

2. go to play store and install "Device Unlock" app from tmobile.

3. open app and select "Permanent Unlock"

Phone will check status from server and reboot.