Delivery Time: 0-10 Miniutes Delivery Time 5 Hours 26 Minutes Average Delivery Time

Price: DA 1850


IPhone Passcode And Disable Device iCloud Removal Service

After using this service, iCloud status will be off. ( FMI: OFF )

What is Passcode/Disable Service?: Used for iCloud removal of devices with Passcode and Disabled

Supported devices : The following models are supported on the activation screen. ( CDMA and GSM )


supported iOS versions: Only iOS 13.x supported.


Passcode FMI:

- link copy paste 

order with the IMEI and the Token generated by [MinaRemoval 2.0]

 2) Open MinaRemoval 

3) Read token send us token

4) in first time not done need try 2/3 time if not success them cant be done

2. Place Order:

copy token from Passcode Tool.
and submit withserial or imei.

3.Do Passcode FMI:OFF your iPad / iPhone

If your device iCloud password has not been changed by old owner, your Passcode order will be successful and device iCloud will be FMI:OFF.

if password changed then will get Error
if any eror on Jailbreak We have solution and last ios 13.4.1USB Restricted Patcher

Steps For USB Patch Tool

1- Enter your device Diagnostic mode Just Hold Volume Up + Volume Down While Booting You Will See Diagnostics   Mode.
2- Use minaUSB on Diagnostic mode to patch the device
3- Jailbreak Checkrain 10.1 after dfu made hold up+down wait until done
4- Patch usb again using mina usb patcher
5- Jailbreak again now boot normaly.