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Price: DA 500


Please Note That iPad Mini 4 Are BothPatched By Apple,Thay Can Not Longer Be Unlock By Hardware Even If The Serial Is Valied

Currently, some iPads belonging to the previous line can use the A8 code to activate. But with ios 14.4, some ipads can not use serial a8. required to use a7 code. So if the iPad does not activate with a8 code. I will check it again. If I can still be active, they must use a7 code. if the a7 code is still inactive then there isn't any code that can be activated. ios 14 is difficult

serial a8 can active for ipad gen 5 6 7 and pro 12.9 gen 2 , pro 10.5 ,

air 2 

a8 support ipad gen 5 gen 6 gen 7, and some mini 4, air 2 ( if mini 4 and air 2 cant active by a8, order a7 , if still not done. clear)

Cleer Meen Restore Tab .... All Sn Tested Working Good 10000%